Beginning Thursday November 19th, 2020, the Trumbull County Recorder’s Office will be OPEN TO EMPLOYEES ONLY. Please CLICK HERE for more details.

Open Weekdays
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Trumbull County Records Center & Archives


Trumbull County government offices, departments and agencies currently maintain millions of documents in a variety of formats. Most of these records are paper and contain information of long-term legal, historical, administrative or fiscal value. The majority of these records are created and maintained as a result of mandated services. Good records management is essential. Without a sound management strategy, records begin to occupy valuable space, are disposed of carelessly or are stored in insecure or inaccessible locations.

The purpose of the Trumbull County Records Center & Archives is to alleviate some of these management concerns by providing economical storage, timely retrieval, facility security, document processing and legal disposal for those semi-active and inactive records generated as a part of the business of government.

Benefits of the Trumbull County Records Management Program include:

Information for County Departments:

The Records Center is records storage and processing facility available to any county office or department. The center is considered by the Trumbull County Records Commission to be an extension of each office for the purpose of records storage and processing. Records stored in the facility always remain the responsibility of the originating office.

One employee per department or agency should be designated as a contact with the Records Center. Identifying an alternate is also recommended. This person should be very familiar with the function of their office and those records these functions necessitate.

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